European-Uzbekistan Council for Business & Investments

Independent & membership based.

Fully transparent.

Open to all businesses in both Europe an in Uzbekistan.

What is EUCBI?

EUCBI is a non-governmental, non-commercial organization aimed to open the door to a new level of business collaboration between Uzbekistan and the European business communities.

Key Goals of EUCBI

With the fast pace of economic reforms taking place in last years, Uzbekistan officially became one of the fastest developing counties in the world, according to data published by the World Bank in November 2017.

The key aim of the European Uzbekistan Council for Business & Investments is helping to facilitate an open dialogue between the Government of Uzbekistan and the European business community on various issues affecting the business climate and helping develop a joint and efficient approach to improving trade and investment opportunities in a mutually beneficial manner through specific projects.

EUCBI aims to establish a permanent, independent and reliable communication channel that will support European and Uzbekistan business communities and official institutions in fostering a better and more effective day-to-day dialogue.

Specific Goals

To help European companies identify business development and investment opportunities in Uzbekistan and facilitate an effective dialogue with official representatives in the country

To build a solid & effective support mechanism for European businesses activities in Uzbekistan though supporting with information and advisory on legal and regulatory issues that affect business activity in Uzbekistan

To create a forum for developing business networks and sharing of expertise and experience between Uzbekistan and European business communities

To help promote Uzbekistan’s image in Europe as a stable & reliable market for European business and investments

European-Uzbekistan Chamber for Business & Investments

Brussels Representative Office
18th floor IT Tower,
Avenue Louise 480,
1050 Brussels, Belgium