Uzbekgidroenergo holds negotiations with the delegations of General Electric and Grupo Cobra

Uzbekgidroenergo holds negotiations with the delegations of General Electric and Grupo Cobra

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Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( — On 5 July 2019, Tashkent hosted a meeting between the leadership of Uzbekgidroenergo, the American General Electric company and the Spanish company Grupo Cobra.

At a meeting of the company, analyzing the experience and existing potential, the sides considered the issue of mutual cooperation in the field of construction and modernization of hydropower facilities. In particular, the modern stage of construction and modernization of hydropower plants in Uzbekistan, the possibility of companies’ participation in this process, and the involvement of international specialists are considered.

At a meeting between the Spanish companies Grupo Cobra and the American company General Electric, as well as Uzbekgidroenergo, a Memorandum of mutually beneficial cooperation was signed, which is aimed at introducing modern technologies into the process of building and modernizing hydropower plants.

The Memorandum will serve the development of the hydropower industry in the country and is aimed at cooperation of the parties in technical audit, development of pre-project and project documentation, construction and installation works, equipment modernization, development of a concept and feasibility study of a project for the construction of high-voltage power lines in hydro areas.

Since 1944, Cobra has been building and operating industrial infrastructures that require a high level of service, based on best practices in integration, innovation and financial sustainability. The COBRA group employs more than 30,000 people in more than 45 countries, and it offers a wide range of services through contributions from more than 300 branches working for all types of clients, from the private sector to large corporations.

General Electric is also a leader in digital and digital technology and has been running its history since 1878. Today, the company has more than 300,000 employees working in 175 countries of the world. Connecting digital and industrial equipment, GE offers customers cutting-edge, highly predictable, interconnected technology solutions. This company since the beginning of the twentieth century and works in Russia. GE’s advanced technologies are used in major national projects, such as upgrading energy infrastructure.

As it is known, Uzbekgidroenergo was established in 2017, and the main activity of the Joint-stock company is the development of the hydropower industry of the republic. Only this year, 3 hydroelectric power stations were commissioned. These are the Tuyabuguz small hydroelectric power station in the Tashkent region and 2 small hydropower plants as part of the cascade of the Big Fergana Canal in the Namangan region.

The above companies expressed a desire to participate in the form of a consortium in promising projects of Uzbekgidroenergo on the construction of new and modernization of existing hydroelectric power plants.

It must be emphasized that earlier Uzbekgidroenergo and the American company General Electric agreed on the delivery of modern technical equipment for the project Construction of the Pskem Hydroelectric Power Plant.