Khokim of Tashkent city meets with French entrepreneurs

Khokim of Tashkent city meets with French entrepreneurs

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Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( — At the Hyatt Regency hotel, a meeting was held with Tashkent city khokim Jahongir Artikhodjaev and representatives of the Uzbek-French business council MEDEF International.

During the meeting, the parties reviewed the development of trade, economic, investment, transport and communication and tourist destinations.

Khokim of Tashkent city Jahongir Artikhodjaev said that a new era has begun in the life of Tashkent, and large-scale work is underway in the capital to create decent conditions for the population and improve the business environment. Drawing attention to the importance of using the experience of advanced countries in such urban projects, he suggested that French businessmen cooperate in this direction.

Chairman of the Uzbek-French MEDEF International Business Council, Christophe Fontein, said that Uzbekistan and Tashkent are experiencing stable economic growth, a development process in all spheres, and the French side is interested in strengthening and developing relations in general.

During the meeting, proposals for cooperation with more than 30 French companies were discussed.

The head of the company Vinci announced his intention to participate in the construction of bridges and hotels, which are planned to be built in the capital. Suez, Sade and BRL Ingenierie presented advanced technological solutions for drinking, waste and irrigation water supply.

During the meeting, a number of proposals were made for the implementation of information technologies, as well as for the supply of transport communications, building materials and food.

The mayor of Tashkent announced the launch of a new concept of the capital in connection with the expansion of the capital and said that joint projects with the Uzbek-French businessmen MEDEF International will be implemented in this region.