Atomic Technology Information Center opens in Tashkent

Atomic Technology Information Center opens in Tashkent

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Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( — On 15 May, Tashkent hosted an opening ceremony of the Atomic Technology Information Center (IATC), a joint project of the Agency “Uzatom” and the State Corporation “Rosatom”.

The information center will be a platform for residents of Uzbekistan, where everyone can learn what an atom is, how nuclear power plants work, in what non-energy areas nuclear technologies are used, and much more. The exposition of the center is designed for visitors of different ages — schoolchildren, students and adults.

It is important to note that the activity of the center is non-commercial, attendance and all educational activities are free of charge for the guests of the center. Public lectures of scientists, meetings with representatives of the nuclear industry and other events will be held at the site of the center.

“The opening of the Information Center is an important part in the implementation of a comprehensive project to build the first nuclear power plant in Uzbekistan. We are convinced that the formation and development of nuclear infrastructure in any country should be supported by the majority of society. And the main role in the formation of public support belongs to educational work. It is for this purpose that the Information Centers on Atomic Technologies are being created,” said the General Director of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom, Alexey Likhachev.

“The Information Center on Atomic Technologies in Tashkent will be the very place where everyone can get answers to questions relating to nuclear energy, discover a new page of knowledge, learn about the important role that nuclear energy plays in ensuring the most pressing needs of mankind,» stressed the President of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan Behzod Yuldashev.

The information center in Uzbekistan is the most advanced, in preparing for its opening, the latest trends were taken into account. It is designed so that visitors receive information about the peaceful atom through various audiovisual technologies.

The center is equipped with modern multimedia equipment — unique video programs in the Russian and Uzbek languages, an interactive wall demonstrating the use of atomic technologies in agriculture, and, of course, a model of a nuclear power plant to be built in the Republic of Uzbekistan. In the video hall it will be possible to watch various popular science films about nuclear energy, reactor safety systems and the application of nuclear technologies in various industries.