Tourism potential of Uzbekistan takes place in Delhi

Tourism potential of Uzbekistan takes place in Delhi

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Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( — Recently, a cultural event on the theme “Cultural Enrichment: Tourism and Cookery of Uzbekistan” was held at the Embassy of Uzbekistan in the city of Delhi.

The event was held in cooperation with the Indian Business Forum “Magicka”, which includes more than 100 thousand women involved in various areas of entrepreneurial activity.

It was attended by representatives of the business community, scientists and artists, the media in India, as well as Uzbek students studying in Indian universities.

The participants of the event were informed about the work carried out in Uzbekistan in the field of tourism development.

Along with the speeches of Indian experts, the participants were also presented with the presentation of the Chairperson of the Association of Business Women of Uzbekistan Gulnora Makhmudova, who participated in the event in a direct online connection.

As part of the event, an exhibition of applied arts of Uzbekistan was organized, as well as a display of Uzbek clothing with pronounced traditional ikat elements. In addition, an exhibition of national cuisine was held.

Along with this, the video presentations of the modern development and tourism potential of our country were presented to the guests.

Participants noted that such events are an important tool of «people’s diplomacy» and allow the Indian public to more closely come into contact with the multi-faceted culture of Uzbekistan.

Ambassador for Tourism and Culture» of Uzbekistan in India, the famous Indian designer Rita Beri: “I am very pleased to participate in this event, which reveals the culture and tourist potential of Uzbekistan. I want to emphasize that India and Uzbekistan are bound by a common culture and art. Close friendly relations have historically been established between our countries. The holding of cultural events of this kind contributes to the closer convergence of our peoples, as well as the promotion of the tourist potential of Uzbekistan. ”

This year, representatives of our organization “Magicka” are planning to visit Uzbekistan to establish mutually beneficial relations between women entrepreneurs in India and Uzbekistan. ”

In general, the event aroused great interest among the participants, who highly appreciated the richness of the multi-faceted culture and tourist potential of Uzbekistan.