Entrepreneurs of Uzbekistan takes part in the exhibition “Foodex Japan 2019”

Entrepreneurs of Uzbekistan takes part in the exhibition “Foodex Japan 2019”

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Tashkent, Uzbekistan (UzDaily.com) — The Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Japan together with the Japanese Organization of Foreign Trade organized the participation of the Uzbek side in the 44th international exhibition food and beverage «FOODEX JAPAN 2019» in Makukhari (Chiba Prefecture).

This exhibition of food and beverages «FOODEX JAPAN 2019» is organized by the Japan Management Association, the Japan Hotel Association, the Japanese Restaurant Association, the Japan Tourist Objects Association with the support of the Government of Japan.

The exhibition is the largest event in the Asia-Pacific region in the food industry. About 3500 companies from 78 countries of the world attend it. Industrial exhibition visited approx. 85 thousand representatives of large companies, associations, industrial enterprises, agricultural organizations, Japanese media, etc. About two thirds of the exhibitors are international companies that use this exhibition as a chance to meet directly with buyers from Japan.

In the international exhibition were presented ready-made food and beverages, spices, vegetables and fruits, food ingredients, fish and seafood, dairy and meat products, confectionery, etc.

Uzbek companies present various types of national Uzbek fruits and vegetables, as well as dried fruits, in particular, raisins, dried apricots and dried prunes, etc.

During the exhibition, Uzbek exporters held talks with representatives of Japanese companies regarding further cooperation in the production and export of food products. Meetings were also held to establish direct contacts with consumers and potential partners in Japan and foreign countries, as well as Uzbek businessmen were able to familiarize themselves with Japan’s innovations in the industry.

Following the visit, contacts were established with trading companies, in particular, Itochu (mungbean), Nippi Trading (pomegranate), Gosey Corporation (melon, dried fruits), Meika Corporation (lemon), Global Silkroad (dried fruits ) on the organization of the export of Uzbek products to the Japanese market.

The embassy continues exploring the possibilities of cooperation of Uzbek companies with Japanese partners for the establishment and development of exports of Uzbek products to the Japanese market.